Behind the lens

Liz Bishop Norfolk wedding photographer

 Which of my photographs is my favourite?

   The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” – Imogen Cunningham

Photography is my passion! I fall in love with every new set of photos and I’ve never lost that excitement as each new image is revealed. I delight in capturing the essence of each situation which I aim to do with a natural, artistic style.

People have always inspired me, but as a shy child I learnt to observe and read situations instinctively, which is possibly why it feels so natural behind the camera. It’s the emotions evoked   that truly make an image and being an emotional girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, I am always moved by those precious moments in life: a mother’s tender smile for her newborn or that stolen glance between nearly-weds .

My background and training is in art and design, achieving a BA (hons) in Visual Studies in 2004. I’m also am a qualified art teacher but I love what I do too much to just teach it! I have worked abroad photographing wedding and lifestyle shoots, been published in national magazines and have won awards, but for me the greatest rewards still come from working with amazing and inspiring people every day. I love my job!

I currently live in a tumble-down cottage in the depths South Norfolk with my fantastic husband, 2 mischievous children, Mitsy the cat and our new addition, Rufus the dog! My family are both my inspiration and motivation: an endless source of fun and photographs!