The beauty’s in the detailsby Norfolk wedding photographer Liz Bishop


by Norfolk Wedding Photographer Liz Bishop


As a photographer I would go so far as to say that it’s ALL about the details – the personal touches, the gestures, the fleetingly precious moments. My role as keen observer is to pay close attention to all the details of the day and interpret them with a fine-art finish.

The details of any wedding are the building blocks that create that totally unique view of your wedding day. They announce who you are, send messages about your style and character, and whisper subtle hints of beauty and taste. In essence, they are what make your day all about you, and completely unique.

There are a number of ways in which we can consider detail: the detail of a moment, for example; a close-up view of an object, or even an abstract aspect of something very familiar to us.


The Preparations


Sophie & Dean wedding at La Vere Dunston Hall, Norfolk

This is an incredibly intimate and precious time, which buzzes with quiet anticipation. It’s also a chance to spend time recording beautiful details of the almost ceremonial ‘getting ready’ and create some of my favourite photographs of the day.

It is likely to be the only time you will wear your wedding dress, the dress that you have agonized over, and to have a stunning record of it means you can enjoy it time and again.

TIP: gather together all your items of importance (dress, jewellery, veil, etc.) to ensure your photographer gets a record of them. But don’t worry, we are sure to remind you of anything you may have forgotten.Sophie & Dean wedding at La Vere Dunston Hall, Norfolk

This is also a moment where you feel very close to the chosen family and friends that mean the most to you. A chance to relax and feel excited about the day to come whilst enjoying the chance to simply be one of the girls, capturing that special bond.

TIP: Allow plenty of time and get ready that little bit earlier than you need to. For example: put your dress on an hour before your photographer needs to leave so you can relax, enjoy the moment, and avoid any last minute panic.

2014-01-28_0026 2014-01-28_0027

The Objects


The small finishes to the day can make all the difference to the final look and feel of your day, whether it’s the importance of choosing the right jewellery to match your dream dress, or the posies for your flower girl. Even the simplest marquee can be completely transformed with close attention to detail and come creative touches. It’s in these small but so important touches that you can truly express yourself !


TIP:  Try the homemade approach and you will find that you create not only the look that is truly personal to you but something of sentimental value.

2014-01-28_0008 2014-01-28_0009 2014-01-28_0010 2014-01-28_0020 2014-01-28_00402014-01-28_0007Sophie & Dean wedding at La Vere Dunston Hall, Norfolk 2014-01-28_0033

The Moments

2014-01-28_0019I will talk about this in more depth at a later date as it’s such an important subject. In essence, the capturing of special moments as they develop – intimate gestures, ripples of laughter, or the wipe of a tear – will bring your photographs to life. These are times that you, as the in-demand bride and groom, may easily miss, but will love to look back on and experience your day as a whole.

Sophie & Dean wedding at La Vere Dunston Hall, Norfolk 2014-01-28_0013 2014-01-28_0014 2014-01-28_0015 Phil & Sadie wedding at Lenwade House, Norfolk 2014-01-28_0025 2014-01-28_00312014-01-28_0021

Behind the Lens

A photograph can remind you of scents and emotions that are over in a moment. It also allows us to observe things that may not have been on show. How many of us wait to buy our wedding shoes until we find the pair that we totally fall in love with, to then find that they are only glimpsed at key moments in the day?



LBP_0032As a wedding photographer I need to be continually aware of the details, spotting light, colours and compositions, predicting moments…Even technical details (there are lots of buttons!). Of course it’s impossible to capture all the details, but by honing in on key elements you will have a collection of images that truly represent the essence of your day.

Capturing these details also preserves memories that would otherwise be forgotten– the scent of the flowers, the music, the taste, the feel of the day. They help you remember not only the formalities of the day but the emotions, the laughter, even the tears.

We all too often forget to look at the details but it is the details that I love, and which piece together the story of the day. This is a chance to make your day truly personal.

TIP: Your photographs can only portray the details that you put into your day so think small and create big!


Finding the Right Photographer


When choosing a photographer, take a look at the details in their work – their interpretation of the day. Every photographer will have slightly different ways of working: some more observational and others more interactive, some more artistic and some more stylistic. It’s important that their vision and your expectations are compatible. And it’s the details that will tell you this.

If you love their work and feel happy and comfortable with your photographer, your photographs are going to be a natural extension of this and you’re going to love your pictures.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Look at the details, ask questions, sleep on it and then go with your instincts!